Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chain Wax

It's been a long time since I used this and whoooa what a difference. So smooth... My mechanic recommended once every fortnight and also if the chain came in contact with rain. At first, I sprayed the chain to loosen the harden grit and grime. Almost immediately, grime came out from grooves. Then as advised, I washed the chain with soap and water with a brush to get rid of the grit and grime to prevent it from eventually damaging the sprockets. After I sprayed water and let the bobber dry out in the sun, I gave the chain a generous squirt of spray. Later, I took the bobber round a few lanes then sprayed a bit to areas I missed out. The chain now feels like brand new just like an old door hinge treated with WD40. One of the mechanics, very-down-to-earth, said since my average speed on the highway is 85kph and I rarely touch 100kph, he said if I follow his recommendation of lubricating the chain every forthnight, he was confident the lifespan of my chain could easily hit 20,000km whilst the average rider replaces his at 15,000km, hence, he was against me upgrading my motor-chain.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A relook at the footpeg's cable ties

Looking at other Regal Raptors at the recent RROG meet at Sungai Ramal, Kajang made me nostagic about my footpegs. I wanted to see the original chrome parts which I had covered with white PVC cable ties. By this time, I had already acquired the black version (then, no stock) and made me rethink. So I snipped off all of the white cable ties, strapped a black cable tie in the grove of each rubber mounting, snipped off the excess then turned the cable ties' lock downward away from sight. They look much better now and still grip the rubber mounting well.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Regal Raptor Owners Group meet

Yesterday was a good sunny evening and there were bikers zooming around the main highway. Restoran Yus Satay was where the RROM met at 5-7pm. Wisely, I checked it out first with Duffy, founder of RROM coz I was about to head to the one at the main junction of Kajang town. Location wise was very strategic for those inter-state members and food wise, but of course, Kajang satay is the speciality. We had 2 rows of tables reserved and there were new on old members. Too many names to remember but the regular joe registered well in my database. I took the opportunity to share notes and I found out the number one problem with most Regal Raptor models was electrical (which can be a pain in the #%@$ if it is intermittent) and agreed there was hardly any mechanical problems. Some were keen to upgrade their motor-chain but were taken aback when I told them my salesman-mechanic said the DiD version cost RM700 but justified those who often travel long distance...and for those who got the extra cash. There is a tendency at these TTS only to chit-chat with those next to us and not move around (all getting fat) and it was when some went out to try others ride that most got up to look and see. All are friendly but breaking the ice is not everyone's ability so when the topic of conversion is a common one, the chit-chat doesn't stop. As it gets closely to maghrib, one by one request to call it a day. Myself, was under instruction to get a generous size of satay sticks for dinner, it is not often I enter Kajang territory soI too had to take leave. It was a good meet, this one.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bobber gets vandalized

My bobber got vandalized! The day before yesterday, I went to my son's secondary school at 8:00am and properly parked next to the main entrance behind bollards, not blocking neither pedestrian nor vehicle movement. The guard's house was also a stone's throw away. It was a short visit and I left at 8:30 am. Just before riding off, I noticed what looked like dirt on the rear fender but upon inspection, realized it was vandalized. The bracket of the rear light was also broken in two which is not an easy thing to do because it is tough. Even the rear number plate was broken. I suspect they were the work of some sick student(s). If you look at the way it was vandalized, it was meant to intimidate and provoke anger yet I don't know anyone there, even my son didn't know I came. Yesterday, I tried to fix it with steel epoxy but broken at the fulcrum, it simply gave way. Today, I visited an motorcycle accessory shop and tried out a few samples but they were too big and extended over the rear fender. Others were a little too small, not to my liking. Being third party product, I also need to have a custom bracket, they are not plug-n-play type so that's extra cost not including the overall labour charge. Rear light alone (no bracket nor cabling) range from RM130-330. Upon checking with my salesman, he said the original item cost RM320 but inclusive of bracket and cabling. As such, I decided to go for the original replacement plus the fact no modification nor custom bracket was needed and my salesman absorbed labour charge. The reality is life still goes on and for my own safety, I got the rear light and number plate replaced but don't have spare money to touch-up the vandalized parts. At first, I admit it is natural to be hurt but looking back (as a Muslim), all things beyond our control are divine intervention therefore are never bad so I leave it all to Allah. He knows best.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Evolution of hand grip

Sometime ago, I made the mistake of not filing my fingernails after I snipped them with a nail cutter. They now caused the soft rubber grip of the throttle to tear and eventually wore it down to the next layer which is even softer and sticky. The outer layer now peels of like nobody's business. I decided to get a tougher replacement eventhough an original replacement is only RM28 because I do not want a repeat of what happened and knowing myself, it can. My reference shop was Hungry Ghost's Custom Inc. adjacent to Kampung Baru Puchong and their site clearly shows they have a wide variety of accessories. I appreciate they also gave frank advise pertaining to the different types of handlebar grip. At first, I chose a shorter rubber grip which closely resembles the original throttle grip but later changed my mind because I was not keen to shift the starter switch out quite a bit to offset its shortness. Lastly, I chose a longer throttle grip that did not require shifting the starter switch which coincidentally, sort of compliments the zebra stripes. Fitting took less than a minute. The throttle grip fitted tightly because the throttle has a plastic case but when I rode home, the left grip slipped out by an inch because it sat on a smooth metal bar so when I got home, I reinforced the left handlebar by looping it with water pipe tape (One loop was adequate). It is now secured. Conclusion: Looks nice, good quality item (of course comes with a price), satisfied customer.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Power switch TKO!

Just back with the bobber from CMC factory, Puncak Alam. The power switch of the bobber located in the battery compartment according to mechanic Kevin is an old one that came with the motorcycle. All recent motorcycles were replaced with better units by the factory. There is however a conflicting statement where the mechanic said the power switch was changed on all motorcycles since early 2015 but my JPJ grant states my bobber was assembled in 2015 and I only bought the bobber on 2/4/2015. Whatever it is, my bobber is now installed with the new power switch. As you can see, one of the contact rusted so badly and over time as rust build-up increased, it eventually became useless. My fuel filter was checked to be clean and carbs re-serviced to be doubly sure. However, the mechanic said if the problem still persist and is electrical in nature plus intermittent, then it is very difficult to trace the source of the problem. He said a case where the engine died and electrical circuit was left open is easier to trace... hopefully mine is not the case and ends with this repair. If it happens one more time, I think I can ride along Jalan Batu Arang with my eyes closed

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back to the factory for a second time

Again, the same engine problem comes about! Last Saturday night, I rode to nearby shops 40 houses away but 30 houses away, the bobber died. This time, I had to paddle push the bobber back. Just before they pushed the bobber in the van, I started the engine and less than 5 secs. engine died. This, I know the mechanic prefers coz it is easier to pinpoint the source of the problem. We shall see later what this unique problem is. Whatever it is, I said from the start, this FB site is intended to share the good, bad and ugly of my personal experience with my bobber where other people may be better or worse off than me, after all, no 2 vehicles be it car or motorcycle, of the same make and model are the identical in nature, simply because they were assembled by people of difference temperament, pressure, technical expertise and experience.

01/02/16 - Bobber goes to factory
02/02/16 - No news from factory
03/02/16 - Repaired problem(don't what it is). Still test-run to see no other issues.