Saturday, October 22, 2016

This Sunday's outing

If you stay in Malaysia long enough (which won't be too long), you'll understand why you've been putting on weight. Malaysians love to eat simply because we have the best food in the world plus a wide variety of east meets west food, not to mention food stalls are often even till the wee hours of the night. Eating is a pastime hobby for Malaysians as proven by one of the highest rate of obese people in the world. Yesterday wivey had a graving so early this morning, I was off to Tanglin's Nasi Lemak and arrived there by 7am. They opened 10 mins late  and since no one wanted to queue, I ended up being the first (Clever!). 2 pax of nasi lemak pus hard boiled egg and squid cost me RM19.50 and before I shot off for home, I became a quick tourist and snapped a photo of the bobber against close-by KTM's HQ. Back home, I micro-waved yesterday's fried chicken and topped up my share of nasi lemak. If I do this too often (which is rare), I'll end up with bigger pair of trousers. What makes their nasi lemak special is the sauce or 'kuah' which is well known ever since I was worked a couple of blocks away more than 30 years ago.