Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Bobber goes on YouTube

The very first video clip of my Bobber is uploaded at YouTube.  I need to learn how to make high quality sound of this clip as I feel it didn't sound as original as live. I've surfed and surfed the internet but have not come up with another zebra striped motorcycle that looks like mine which is good because I like it to be unique.

FaceBook banner

This photo was taken at my neighbourhood playground by the skateboard area and has become the banner for my FaceBook page on my Regal Raptor Bobber. I think it creates an appropriate atmosphere goes well with my radically airbrushed Bobber.

Dusk magic

Dusk comes and creates a certain magical atmosphere around the house as I capture a few snapshots for this blog.

Handlebar alignment

Pulling my handlebars back gave me that cool Easy Rider effect, however, I was more concerned if the handling of a bobber could be further improved. I knew by now the fulcrum (what we learnt in primary school) of a motorcycle is the neck of the frame so I had this hypothesis that the handlebars aligned with the front shock absorbers ought to have better handling than raked backwards. This was because when I was fooling around with my car, I found it easier to unscrew a nut with a vertical spanner than a tiltable spanner. So today, I went back to my motorcycle shop and readjusted a few degrees up as shown in this photo. The effect was immediately felt... there was better control of the front end like a properly aligned steering wheel especially felt when going very, very slow, corners and u-turns. A bonus is that air flows straight into my jacket to the armpits and was obviously cooler than a scooped up angle. Conclusion: One really has to personally try it out to really understand what I'm saying. To me, this exercise was a great success.

Bringing out the black lustre

I initially used car polish on the matt black paint but it dull quickly. Then I experimented and found that the tyre conditioner goes well with matt black paint and not only brings out the black lustre, seems to keep it looking constantly fresh, the only time I needed to do a little touch up is the top of the engine head which dries up fastest due to engine heat. The tyre conditioner also goes well with the stock seat ad is preferred to be done in the night to allow it to soak through the seat material and not soak through my jeans.

My Bell Custom 500 helmet

It was airbrushed according to my specification based on C.C. Ryder's helmet from the movie "C.C. and Company" which gave me the zebra stripe inspiration to which I've always been fond of.