Thursday, June 25, 2015

Provisional Learner Licence comes to an end

At last! My upgraded driving licence
In about 10 days time, my provisional Learner licence will be come to an end and be upgraded because today I just passed the JPJ bike test for a full B licence. Yeah! After about a 40 year lapse, the motorcycle training course has been a very good refresher course and I even got to learn a few tips/techniques in handling the motorcycle in slow speed i.e. less than 20kph. On day 1, the trainer told me not to train in the figure 8 and the rest but to familiarize myself with the feel of a superbike because I have with me a cruiser where handling is very much different so it was just circling around the "road area". On day 2, I succeeded zig-zagging the 5 cone and going over several humps but never made it to half a figure 8. By day 3, figure 8, u-turns and road area were done adequately and improved on Day 4 but I could not complete the mandatory bridge yet passed the Routine Vehicle Maintenance test. On Day 5, after valuable tips from the instructor, I managed to complete the narrow bridge test several times. Truly practice makes perfect and the number of repeats needed to clear a hurdle is relative to a rider's skill.

Monday, June 22, 2015

FOBO tyre pressure sensor in action

My first try with the FOBO Bike tyre pressure sensor (gift from my salesman who doesn't need it on his scrambler) and I configured the average tyre pressure as 32.6psi (front & rear). I have not touched the tyre pressure since the bike was bought. Looks like this bike is way over pressured. It is possible to release excess air by merely unscrewing the sensor which I did then clear memory and it gives the latest reading. Still, I recommend doing it next to a tyre pressure pump because you can over zealously release a bit too much... like me. Fortunately the petrol station is 5 lanes away. If you rarely use the bike, the sensor is ideal for checking tyre pressure.

Need for No.10 spanner

Yesterday, I forgot to take the key out from the Bobber which was left there for about 3 hours. It was switched on and so was the headlight but because the day was bright, I forgot to switch it off. The bike being still new said my salesman not surprising, I could not even use the horn. I took out the battery and brought it to the nearby petrol station where their charging unit only handles 12V and 24V battery mainly meant for cars and lorries. A phone call to my salesman confirmed mine is a 12V battery (one doesn't really pay attention to all this until it happens to us) so I was told to come back 3 hours later. Incidentally, a No.10 spanner is required to release the battery cables which I then carefully taped + and - cables separately to play safe. Well, we learn something new (I must be more careful with the key) everyday.

Need for No.17 spanner

Spanner no. 17 is a must-buy to readjust and tighten mirror stalk and mirror. There can be itchy fingers.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Art of Speed Exhibition, MAEPS, Serdang 6-7.6.2015

Me who grew up modifying and blue-printing my FIAT 131 Supermirafiori and now having my Bobber airbrushed, the event is a must for me. I made it a family quality time and everyone enjoyed it and we had our first experience at a food truck where price was reasonable. Entrance fee was RM10/person and covered 2 days and I came here twice where Saturday was the day to view the custom cars and custom bikes in peace because Sunday was really crowded. It was fairly comprehensive and included enduro bikes showing their thing on tarmac as well as dirt road. Comparing pictures from previous events, this one was mammoth and I take my hat off tot he organizers. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An accident prone area

As I start to familiarize myself with motorcycle lanes along Federal Highway, from Kuala Lumpur to Klang, I went along the motorcycle lane north of Section 15 Shah Alam at 30-40kph. Upon reaching the Petronas petrol station at 40kph, I am greeted by a sharp curve to the left. I slowed down to 30kph and gently tilt body but found it caused the foot stand to be lightly scrapped. Wow! The Bobber cannot be treated like a normal motorcycle. Immediately, less than 30 feet away comes a shocker...a 90 degree turn to the right. If you took that earlier turn fast you probably not have enough turning radius and may end up hitting the high brick wall. You have been warned! Bobbers and cruisers definitely must go real slow on this killer corner. The second 90 degree junction comes as one wants to go out. However it is not too bad since by that time, the cruiser rider would have much decreased his speed. Now I understand why big motorbikes are reluctant to use the motorcycle lane and prefer using the Federal Highway at least on certain stretch of the road.

Production flaw

The problem of having a sharp eye is that things off balance usually catch one's eye. Observing the Bobber while taking a breath of fresh air after dinner has recently been bit of a norm for me. Somehow I noticed something was not right so started to closely inspect the bike. It then came to me that the rear fender support bars were not properly manufactured causing the rear fender to shift slightly to the left. Upon checking with my salesman who then checked with the assemblers, it was acknowledged that in fact all Bobbers manufactured happen to have this production flaw so getting replacement support bars will not solve the problem and totally out of the question. I knew they could have it realigned if they wanted to if their after sales service meant a lot to image building of their marque brand but sadly no, they were not interrested so that answers how concerned they are of their after sales service. I guess I might have been the only person to have made this complaint but sakit mata (@ pain in the #@%*) so I eventually agreed to have it rectified outside for RM80 which meant heating the support fenders then making the necessary adjustment followed by a re-spray. Done yesterday and looks better now where previously the right rear fender nut was probably about 0.5 cm away from the tyre side walls and I felt that could be too dangerous for comfort. Why wait for something bad to happen then complain.