Saturday, April 18, 2015

The relationship between Regal Raptor Bobber and MOMOS Bobber

Regal Raptor homepage
Chear Gobal Sdn. Bhd. factory at Puncak Alam
Chear Motors HQ, Klang
Wee Bikers Sdn. Bhd, Shah Alam
When I first intended to buy the Regal Raptor Bobber, I was confused as to its roots and why it was called 'MOMOS Bobber' because I knew it originated from China by a company called LIFENG. After making further enquiry and a few emails to the Regal Raptor company in China, I found out that LIFENG Group is the umbrella company while LIFENG itself manufactures Regal Raptor and sells them under different names, I suspect to overcome import protectionism policies of that country e.g. 'National' products from Japan are sold as 'Panasonic' in USA i.e. they end up as CKD products. In Malaysia, Mofaz Motorcycles Sdn Bhd. (MOMOS) imports Regal Raptors from China as they hold the Approved Permits (AP). Chear Global Sdn Bhd. (CGSB) and Mofaz Motosikal Sdn.Bhd. assemble the cruisers assembles the bike in Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor. They are distributed by Chear Motor Sdn. Bhd. from their HQ at Klang or branches elsewhere. Other agents that sell them include Wee Bikers Sdn. Bhd., Shah Alam where I made my purchase. They offered to absorb the GST probably because they had difficulty selling it as compared to other popular bikes. I feel it is confusing to call the Regal Raptor Bobber as MOMOS Bobber and most owners I know refer them as a Regal Raptor product. Anyway, the general assumption is that many think this is a Harley Davidson but when I tell them "No", the next question that prompts up is "What make is it?" Even when I will tell them it's a MOMOS Bobber or Regal Raptor Bobber for that matter, most blink their eyes as they are not familiar with those names. The fun part comes when they think it cost in the region of RM50-60,000 then I clarify, often to stun faces with open jaws, that it really cost RM17,100 or to be specific RM19,100 (On-the-road). The following question I get is whether after buying this bobber, I had it radically customized and they shake their heads in disbelieve when I tell 'No'. I explain that fundamentally, it is a black standard factory model then I immediately it airbrushed in zebra stripes though the rear end had to be removed after it was vandalized. After hearing the engine start (not even rev-ed) most give their thumbs up. Some say it sounds a bit loud but I tell them it sounds that way only because it was built on the 'Old-School' motorcycle philosophy which includes as I point out to them, the hard-tail frame.

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