Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dress for the occasion

Given the choice of a leather jacket, I have a preference for A-2 jackets but they are not popular here nor the ASEAN region but they can be acquired via mail order. However, if it concerns something to wear, I can reluctant to buy them via mail order as I am afraid I may accidentally choose the wrong size. As the motorcycle is nowhere in sight, I take time to visit Pertama Shopping Complex, Kuala Lumpur which has a variety of biker dress accessories. Good quality leather jackets are never cheap even overseas so it was quite hard to find as most of the shops were selling the lower end. Walking up and down the leather shopping mall at the rear end of the complex, I eventually found a genuine leather biker's jacket. It was heavy but felt solid and was of good quality and workmanship eventhough I hardly knew the marque. I was surprised it also had unzipable sleeves. This one fitted me well and when I decided to take it the salesman recommended I apply leather conditioner as it was rather dry. That I did and the leather being thick, I coated it daily for 3 days. It has now soften quite a bit though I think I need to use  it often to make it make more comfortable to use.

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