Friday, April 17, 2015

Window Shopping

It's the start of my pension days so I've decided to realize my childhood dream. This takes me back to my Form 5 days when I first set eyes on a Triumph Tiger 100 as shown below. The rumble of a Triumph Tiger was so dominating but it was the frame of the motorcycle that caught my eye. I was mesmerized by the rigid frame and said that was such a beautiful industrial design more so like a piece of art and I said if I were ever to get myself a REAL bike someday, it will definitely have to be one with a rigid frame. 

I looked up motorcycle magazines and found the motorcycles of that style and eventually fell in love with a Paugcho Sportster that I had to keep a pin-up of it on the wall in front of my table similar to the one below:

However, I knew such frames were not popular back home and even exclusive imported bikes like Harley Davidson did not sell them so this was all a dream...until I found out early March this year that there rigid frame motorcycles were being sold in Malaysia since last year and the model to I sought was the Regal Raptor Bobber as in the top most picture. After ogling it on the internet, a visit to the closest dealer near my house and I got to see the real thing, yes, basically I like what I saw.

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