Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nasi lemak anyone?

Morning trip to my regular nasi lemak stall at Subang Jaya. This stall is comparatively generous on the portion of nasi lemak as against other places. Today, the Regal Raptor badge has begun to serve its purpose as people come up and ask me whether that is a HD and I reply "No" then point to the badge at the rear of the Bobber and say it comes from China. They quickly go and inspect the badge and of course don't commend coz they probably never heard of it. The nasi lemak seller said it was clever that people think it costs the price of a HD coz it looks expensive and glows of that exclusive image here it's not important that it cost much, much less. The next time, I'll just point to the badge and say "Regal Raptor" (and "Bobber" if they want to know the model) but not mention "China" and see their reaction.

Being creative with a spare keychain

I have a spare Regal Raptor keychain so decided to find another use for it. As the badge is made of rubberized silicone, it should to some extent be able to stand Malaysian weather. I then used outdoor double sided tape to its back and pasted the badge to the rear of the Bobber. Hopefully it can last but I fear it may eventually fade. We shall see.

Hardtail or Softail?

Having ridden the Bobber for more than 1,000km, I have now acquired the experience to say that the Malaysian road causes many unpleasant bumpy ride, an experience that is aggravated when riding a hardtail bobber. If the road is undulating that is fine but minus highways, one has to be cautious of uneven stretches even when riding around 50kph. Malaysian housing estates are also filled with numerous road humps so the slower the ride, the better. In worse scenarios where bumps were only noticed the last few seconds, it is easiest to slightly lift one's butt off the seat. Also, uneven local roads force the need to repump air to the tyres monthly. Even if Regal Raptor Daytona and Spyder were modified with solo seats, they are practically a better choice to live with than a Regal Raptor Bobber. Then where does the Regal Raptor Bobber stands out? It is iconic Bobber look where hardtails excel in aesthetically a more beautiful timeless frame that allows for a lower seat height. Malaysian roads can be a pain in the ***** but I bought the Regal Raptor Bobber more for its aesthetic beauty.

Visit to Putrajaya


This Sunday, I tried my luck but the haze is still visible to the naked eye at Putrajaya. Not good for photography but since I was there, I might as well snap a few shots and you can see the haze clearly in the background.

Friday, October 2, 2015

My new riding gloves

Earlier on, I bought proper riding gloves but I did not like them because the velcro strips had a tendency to hook the inside of my leather jacket and pull the nylon apart. This time, I bought a pair of heavy duty 100% cowhide leather gloves (imported) for RM80 plus. It was originally patch dry, tough and yellow orche in colour. When I took it home, I bathe it in generous dose of baby oil and it immediately turned dark brown and soft just like I wanted it to be. I give it a week to dry on its own. Looks and feels great and no more problem as faced with my "proper" riding gloves. It is easily at par with the more expensive gloves of the RM200-RM300 range.