Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Digging up the history of the Regal Raptor Bobber over the Internet, I find under Bikers Lovers states that "Johnny Pag which is the origin of Regal Raptor" who merger with Lifeng, a major manufacturer in China. "The base engine is shared with the system developed by Honda for its block Rebel 250 while Lifeng would fit a liquid cooling. Similarly, Lifeng has also developed electronic fuel injection to replace carburetors initially adopted by Honda ". Thus, Lifeng had transformed the 250cc Honda engine block to be a 350cc engine block (or downsize it to 125cc for some countries). Whilst Regal Raptors are being sold internationally all over the world, FaceBook shows that they are selling extremely well in Indonesia and Malaysia with membership currently almost 1,400 at Regal Raptor Riders Indonesia and about 1,180 at Regal Raptor Owner Malaysia Group. compared to other countries.

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