Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Artwork eventually takes shape

Just some minor touch-up needed then re-fitting begins
Fender gets sprayed
The original artwork is transformed to Transfer-seal and onto the fender
Slowly but surely, the airbrush artwork is finally taking shape but still requires much attention from me as the artist had initially erred in some strategic places how I wanted the final output to be. My timing was also not good because at the point of time I handed the motorcycle over to the artist, he was about to take a 5 day trip overseas. Then, there were already 5 projects in the pipe line which they had to complete before they could attend to mine. My initial requirement to blur the edges of the black stripes did not turn out well so I am sticking to the cleaner original look. I am hoping the airbrush work will be completed soon because I need to practice as I have riding lessons begining late May and riding test in mid June. He then has to proceed to do the helmet. Patience....I need patience and I hope I don't run out of it.

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