Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mission Accomplished!

This is my first riding experience on a 350cc and a rigid-tail Bobber. The bike is heavy but not too heavy to make it unpleasant to ride. It is in its element after 30kph but likes to putt around 20kph. The engine is too new and needs to be run-in so obviously feels rough. Overall I'm not complaining even like the bike very much and I conclude you get what you paid for. As for riding experience, it requires one to adjust to a new style of riding not one familiar to normal motorcycles like Yamaha 100 which I used to ride. The most difficult maneuver will probably be u-turns and 90 degrees junctions because there is a need to ride slowly and carefully as this Bobber does not like to take more 45% body tilt well. Too much to the left and the foot stand will scrape the road surface. It just likes to cruise.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Out from the oven"

Eventually, the airbrush job on my Bobber finally got completed and components fitted back to the motorcycle. The room is too cramp to take the photo from a good angle but this will do for a start. However, I still cannot take her home today as the lacquer on my helmet is still wet. Tomorrow then! Patience has its reward!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

JPJ number plate measurement

I found this guideline out of all places, at one of the flash banner of JPJ homepage and not under information related to technical data but for the record here it is. I was surprised to note that the measurement between alphabets/numbers for the front and rear plates are different i.e. 5mm and 10mm respectively and this also goes for the border spacing to the edge. I am sure many people are going to be trapped by this technicality. There is also no information as to whether alphabets/numbers need to be embossed as before so I guess this means stickers are OK then.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Artwork eventually takes shape

Just some minor touch-up needed then re-fitting begins
Fender gets sprayed
The original artwork is transformed to Transfer-seal and onto the fender
Slowly but surely, the airbrush artwork is finally taking shape but still requires much attention from me as the artist had initially erred in some strategic places how I wanted the final output to be. My timing was also not good because at the point of time I handed the motorcycle over to the artist, he was about to take a 5 day trip overseas. Then, there were already 5 projects in the pipe line which they had to complete before they could attend to mine. My initial requirement to blur the edges of the black stripes did not turn out well so I am sticking to the cleaner original look. I am hoping the airbrush work will be completed soon because I need to practice as I have riding lessons begining late May and riding test in mid June. He then has to proceed to do the helmet. Patience....I need patience and I hope I don't run out of it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Key chain arrives!

The wonders of mail order made this possible. It is exactly what you see, respectable quality, however, I kind of disappointed that the logo is only one-sided. It's very flimsy but at least it won't scratch the paintwork. I should have bought 2 pieces and glue them together. Mmmm...maybe I will.


Digging up the history of the Regal Raptor Bobber over the Internet, I find under Bikers Lovers states that "Johnny Pag which is the origin of Regal Raptor" who merger with Lifeng, a major manufacturer in China. "The base engine is shared with the system developed by Honda for its block Rebel 250 while Lifeng would fit a liquid cooling. Similarly, Lifeng has also developed electronic fuel injection to replace carburetors initially adopted by Honda ". Thus, Lifeng had transformed the 250cc Honda engine block to be a 350cc engine block (or downsize it to 125cc for some countries). Whilst Regal Raptors are being sold internationally all over the world, FaceBook shows that they are selling extremely well in Indonesia and Malaysia with membership currently almost 1,400 at Regal Raptor Riders Indonesia and about 1,180 at Regal Raptor Owner Malaysia Group. compared to other countries.