Sunday, September 27, 2015

Visit to Hungry Ghost Custom Inc.

This was my first official visit to Hungry Ghost Custom Inc., Saujana Puchong to get some estimates. The estimates given by the Boss himself were very reasonable and had it been not for the lack of spare cash and the fact that the Bobber was still under warranty, I might have found myself succumbing to my passion. This is one of THE places to go for customization if one is seriously interested in customizing one's ride.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Maintaining a leather jacket

Today, I sidetrack to the subject of motorcycle accessories: a leather jacket is organic and nice to wear but requires constant maintenance to give it that deep, rich luster. After experimenting with this and that, I've found out the best stuff to preserve as well as soften leather is none other than baby oil which I use Johnson Baby Oil Lite. As my motorcycle leather jacket was very dry, tough and hard since the day I bought it, it required slightly less than 250 ml and several generous coats of baby oil over a period of 3 days to soften and enrich it. The leather jacket is now deep black, soft and comfortable to wear eventhough it is heavy for a leather jacket. Baby oil also makes it waterproof (though requires another splash of baby oil every time it comes into contact with rain to rejuvenate that lost luster) and other than that, baby oil also has a nice soothing smell.

Friday, September 18, 2015

First 1,000km service

After 5 months of local riding mainly to the mosque, a few runs to the mechanic, mother's house, here and there, my Bobber get's the first 1,000km service. Nothing dramatic to complain. The engine was immediately drained of dirty black factory engine oil and replenished with synthetic SAE15W-50 from Belray. I have used Belray semi-synthetic engine oil for over 5 years on my Fiat 131 Supermirafiori and did not need convincing from the mechanic, I just said "Go ahead". Alhamduillah, overall, my Bobber has been very reliable and I believe it will also be for years to come. 1.6 litre was poured in and checked against the dipstick as "OK" but if the whole crank case was opened then it would require 1.9litre.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Polishing day

Today, chrome parts regularly left out were given a rejunevation while stock black paint parts namely the battery compartment and the air filter compartment were given an initial rub-down with rubbing compound before protected by a layer of car polish.

After the rain...

It was just after a rainy day since the middle of the night that followed throughout the day that washed away much of the polluted air which resulted from open burning throughout Indonesia. I could not resist taking a snapshot of my Bobber as the weather was prefect for photography as there was no harsh shadow.

Passing through Subang Ria Recreational Park

Just passing through one of the most aggressively guarded recreational areas in the Klang Valley by the local residents and those who regularly come here during weekends for passive recreation where there was once a time when the local authority wanted to convert this area into a commerical area.