Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bringing my bobber back to life

Mechanic begins tinkering with the bobber
A change of engine oil for not riding the motorcycle for 5 months
Wiring in the battery box taken out to be more tidy
Internal throttle too big to the stock housing fitted outside but not too bad

Dirty brake fluid waiting to be changed

Early this month, I had the bobber's insurance coverage renewed beginning next month. However, when I had the road tax renewed at the Post Office, the Road Transport online system noted my current insurance was still valid for a month so the day, I renewed the road tax, it automatically became activated i.e. it cannot be manually set to be begin on a certain date. In that case, I said I'd better get the bobber service or else I'll waste a month's road tax and insurance coverage. Thus, last week I called the mechanic to the house as the engine refused to start although I bought a new battery. The mechanic unscrewed then re-tightened a screw underneath the carburettor only then the bobber started up. Upon my approval, he rode off with the bobber to his workshop some 8 km away. Over the past few days, he sms-ed me his progress:

1. The carburettor from a full service found it filthy causing imbalance timing between the twin carburettors. I came to the conclusion that the carburettor needs to be given a full service per 4,000km that is, during every engine oil change.
2. He installed an aluminum internal throttle I handed him having got a bad experience how flimsy and unreliable the original plastic version was. He also told me he also shorten the throttle cable.
3. He tidied the wiring of the battery box because he said if not, would cause unwanted heat, a point my son agreed after he tided up the internal wiring of my desk computer.
4. He changed the dirty brake fluid. This was a first time since brake fluid was usually only topped up.
5. He did the regular engine oil change which is a must having not ridden the bobber over 5 months.
6. Today, the last job he is doing is looking into the wiring of the horn which refused to work. 

This month has really punctured a hole in my pocket but safety and reliability are important things for a peace of mind when one has to maintain a motorcycle or car for that matter.


The bobber fully serviced and tested by the mechanic, I took her home. The most immediate feeling was a more immediate and much more powerful torque than before. I am very pleased to say the least. I came back the next day to fetch my receipt and he said although he said he did not see any fault in the wiring he acknowledged the carburettor was very dirty and clogged but he did acknowledged that some electrical leak can cause loss of power as it robs the spark plugs of delivering optimum charge.