Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cold storage

Within a few days time, I am scheduled for a hernia operation, a result of carrying over-weighed luggages to have them weighed at the airport last year. The luggages had to be reweighed 3 times as the permissible amount was 37kg whereas each luggage weighed about 45kg. To make things worse, the boot level of the Peugeot 407 is a bit high. A week later, I felt a sharp pain at my left groin and a doctor confirmed it was hernia (Her father suffered that too so she is well familiar with it). So far, 3 doctors told me after the hernia operation, I should not ride the superbike for a period of 6 months (ideal situation) to prevent the surgical mesh from falling off. If that happens, I will require another operation. Still, this will be a case-by-case merit and I am expected to visit the doctor again some time after the operation but for the moment, I do not know when. I found this hernia thing out just after I renewed the insurance for my bobber then quickly postponed renewing my road tax until 6 months after the operation. However, 3 months after the operation, I hope to (we'll see later) ride the bobber just to scoot 4 lanes away to the mosque which I frequent. So in the meantime, I took the opportunity to give the bobber a coat of engine oil on the rims, engine block and tyre walls and gave the bobber a wash later before I paln to give her a wax polish.