Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fuel consumption

FUEL CONSUMPTION: A topic people like to talk about but shy away from the truth when their ride does not deliver good fuel consumption.

Q: What is the fuel consumption of the Malaysian carburettor-ed Regal Raptor 350cc?
A: Well, better than a car but I think could do better. Still, what do you expect from twin carburettors...excellent fuel economy? Twin carburettors are not designed for that!

Here, a 350cc Johhny PAG (Note that an electronic ignition system gives better fuel consumption than a carburettor version) is compared against a 833cc HD Sportster ( The HD Sportster although much bigger cc (more than double) delivers an average of 44mpg over the years than the PAG ( Her 2017's average of 48.3mpg against the PAG's 51.7mpg is very good indeed. You have to take your hat off to HD for doing a good job in this area.

So now you know the truth!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

a.k.a. Putt-Putt

Putt-Putt the cute car from Humongous Entertainment came from a children adventure game I used to play on the computer when I had much time on my side. I still have fond memories of that character so bestow that name to my Bobber, after all, I don't ride it like a superbike but more so as a means of mobility and to putt around.

Psychedelic 60s: The era I grew up ...

This is my new background for my Regal Raptor's Bobber site on Facebook after fooling around with the colour balance of this photograph which I'm fond of ... taken at a time before the Bobber was vandalised.