Saturday, February 4, 2017

Emergency tools

It will soon be 2 years since owning the bobber. Unlike some who are merely weekenders with their motorcycle, I use my bobber daily (although there is a Peugeot 407 under the porch) except when it rains. There were only 2 incidents when it broke down on the road: because of a faulty starter switch and the other time, due to a faulty power wire from battery to starter switch. Other than that, it has been very reliable. I never needed to but if I were to carry any tool, it will be a No. 8 spanner and a No. 6 Allen key. The spanner obviously to open the battery box but why the Allen key? Well, one day after the bobber was serviced at Chear Motors, Klang it rained heavy and the bobber was parked outside. After the rain, when I started the bobber, it sounded as like only 1 piston was running and after a few yards, I turned back. The mechanic checked and said rain somehow seep under the spark park cover. The Allen key was used, the plug cap knocked a few times then wiped dry. After a test ride, everything was OK. Then I realised how important that Allen key is.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Passing through... Shah Alam

It's a hot sunny day today, and an excellent time for a snapshot so I decided to scoot off next door and passed the centre of Shah Alam (state capital of Selangor) along Persiaran Sultan with MBSA local authority building in the background.