Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Battery strap gives way

My Bobber had a TKO over the weekend. Yesterday, I could not start the engine nor even use horn. Checking the battery, I found it's rubber strap's latch snapped due to rust. That made it easy to shake the battery and loosen the terminal's contact. After tightening the contacts at the terminal and temporarily using a tough string, the neutral light came back but when I pressed the starter, I only got a small click sound from the engine. Later, the neutral light can back and 4 times I tried to start but to no avail. What to do. I wanted to go with the Bobber to Bingit Rendezvous this weekend but that's out of the question. My salesman said he'll collect the Bobber tomorrow. All in all, it was divine intervention. Shukur Alhamduillah, a blessing from Allah for He didn't want my Bobber to break down (had I gone to see Bingit Rendezvous and I would have) other than at the comfort of home.When I collected the Bobber, it was suspected the battery, being loose and with amble space around, shook and tugged some critical connection(s) either to starter or starter switch but nothing was short/damaged. The wireman then proceeded to check and tightened all connections to the battery. The bobber is A-OK now. Damage control was only transportation cost which is a nominal rate but isn't cheap. Summary: Shukur Alhamduillah, could have been worse.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Additional laquer job for the Bobber

When I had the airbrush job done 6 months ago, the original black paint on the air filter cover and battery cover was left untouched because they still looked good. However after 6 months, early signs of fading have appeared probably because there was hardly any laquer or maybe none at all. Yesterday, I had the 2 components lacquered to match the laquer of the airbrush job. Today, I am pleased with the finish as you can see by the mirror reflection of the tile and exhaust pipe.

Loose excess petrol hose solved

Now you see it, now you don't. Yesterday, I just realized one of the excess petrol hose for the carburettors was missing so today had it replaced FOC. The last time, it was the excess petrol hose for the petrol tank that went missing. I conclude that the metal clip that comes along with the hose as quite unreliable, better to use a pvc cable tie before warranty expires. When I got home, as a back-up plan, I used another cable tie and secured both hoses to the power cable as I noticed it was very easy for the non-cable tied hose to come off.