Saturday, April 18, 2015


Scout's code: Be prepared! OK! OK! I was never a scout but a cub but there is much wisdom in that scout's code so I got myself an Italian GIVI raincoat for those unsuspecting rainy days. It's quite a handful so I must bring along my haverasack when I need to bring it. The User's Manual came late but better sooner than later. An interesting thing I note is that upon my query, my salesman told me the PSI tyre pressure should be 35(F)/38(R) but the User's Manual recommends 33 for a single rider. I am sticking to the recommendation of the User's Manual as I believe it is offers a softer ride to offset the suspension of the rigid frame. The shop I bought the Bobber was a bit of a cheapskate when it came to number plates and gave me the awful looking number plate used on Kapchai or Honda Cubs. I threw them away and went around finding a shop that could customize one and I found out that was not easy as most shops dealing with car number plates do not do this. I eventually found a motorcar accessory shop that was willing to do it on condition I acquire the alphabets and digits from a motorcycle shop as the boss did not stock them. This I did and the customized number plates were made. Yahoo! No.8 spanner is the only tool I was told to get as this is used to open up the battery compartment and No. 8 nut is the most common size nut used among motorcycles as No.10 is to cars. As for helmets, I got myself the classic Bell helmet and added the sun shade to cover the gaping clip points. It is apparently more expensive than the full face helmet eventhough that is more difficult to produce simply because it is the more popular option. Oh well, what to do however quality is assured inside and outside the helmet.

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