Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dream comes true

With gratuity funds in my hand, it id not take me long to realize my childhood dream. Wifey too gave her blessing when she saw it and felt it was the safer option as I was never interested in fast superbikes but one that I could phutt-phutt around the neighbourhood. After sitting on the stock RR Bobber and RR Daytona, I felt the latter had a more buckhorn handlebar that made for a relax riding position. I told my salesman to change the stock handlebar of the Bobber for the Daytona and a nomimal upgrade cost was charged which also involved substitution of one of the stock cables for a longer version. The modified RR Bobber I eventually bought is the one in the above picture. There are actually two versions: the standard black and the slightly more expensive SE version which comes in military matt green though both come with fishtail exhaust pipes. I have a preference for the black as I had "air-brushing" on my mind which called for a black background. The government has just imposed GST (Goods Service Tax) and for any product more than RM10,000, one could start to feel the pinch but the place I bought the bike absorbed the GST and that was a lot. Buying it in cash, I had the option to choose third party insurance but earlier discussions with experience riders made me choose the more expensive comprehensive insurance making the RR Bobber just about RM20,000 for an on-the-road price.

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