Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Compare and Constrast

2 iron horses at the mosque: a HONDA Shadow VLX 600 and MOMOS Bobber 350. Both fundamentally are cousins because their engines came from the same Marque although Honda gave Regal Raptor the rights to upgrade and construct the modified engine. In overall dimension, the MOMOS Bobber is noticeably slightly bigger and longer but in engine size and quality, the HONDA Shadow is clearly outstanding and a reference in the 600-650cc category. In size, the MOMOS Bobber is larger to the HONDA Shadow as what the HD Sportster is larger to the MOMOS Bobber. Because of the MOMOS Bobber seat spring's construction, it looks like the HONDA Shadow's seat is lower by an inch. MOMOS Bobber front shocks are slightly more raked than the HONDA Shadow. The MOMOS idles louder but the HONDA can show it has more growl when it wants to. As the MOMOS Bobber is slightly longer, that elongated look makes it more beautiful just like the MOMOS Spyder overshadows it's Daytona and Bobber brother from the point of beauty whereas the HONDA Shadow's strength is evident by its bigger engine size which oozes power. Of course, MOMOS Bobber's clear hardtail frame gives it that Rough Rider look where a rider in tattered jeans feels at home whereas the HONDA Shadow's softail frame gives it a slightly more gentleman's look. For practicality, the HONDA Shadow wins hands down but for that timeless classic appeal and the perfect partner to grow old with, I salute the MOMOS Bobber.

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