Saturday, May 21, 2016


In my opinion, this is another of Volchkova's outstanding work. Well, had to take a snapshot, here, one for the album with Bobby Raptor.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Customization complete

I love moving around more with the bobber and use it daily because it offers more ease, convenience and saves time than with a car but its movement is very much intra-urban (I leave the inter-urban and outstation trips for the car as it needs to moves around too or else the battery wont be sufficiently charged). I've at last completed my customization project. Much of the money went to the airbrush job. I don't see a need to over-customize the bobber because I feel the factory did a good job on customization, in fact, many who saw the bobber thought I had totally customized the bobber and were surprised when I told them, no, it is factory standard. Although on 2 separate occasions, I insisted the handlebars be adjusted/aligned to the forks, I obviously have pulled them back to the more relaxed position so I will leave it as it is. The factory mechanic adjusted the seat lower than stock as I requested (I actually wanted it all the way down) but he said this is about as low as it gets without damaging the air filter casing. I also originally wanted the seat dark tan but am leaving it as stock because it is in harmony with the black and white colour scheme. Looks like I did slightly over 5000km in one year. No more warranty but I solved all the hiccups (mainly electrical) peculiar to my bobber during the warranty period. Presently, I am happy as it is. Although I sometimes wished this bobber was at least 500cc to give it more engine presence, however, that would mean a heavier motorcycle. When I look back at the few times I was in a hurry and had to pull the rear aside to get out of blocked parking situations, I feel its present weight is more practical. After 1 year of riding around on a hardtail, the ride is of course bumpy on rough and humpy roads. One thing for sure, a bobber is meant to be cruised. Yes, there are more glamorous motorcycles out there but it is the hardtail frame I love and I noticed it is a key factor why many eyes always ogle the bobber. It is a rare sight to see on the road and has a cleaner cut than softails. To think hardtails are more easier to manufacture as there is no moving parts yet between a Daytona, Spyder and Bobber, it is the most expensive of the three but that frame would make it the one with the least maintenance. I guess we can't ask for the best of both worlds.


1. Zebra stripe airbrush job
2. Headlight casing black paint + lacquer job
3. Air filter casing black paint + lacquer job
4. Chain guard lacquer job
5. Daytona handlebars
6. Chrome/hard rubber handlebar grips
7. Grounding cable
7. Tyre valve aluminium caps