Sunday, July 30, 2017

Project Ignition Cable

Yahoo! Just arrived from UK. I am so excited in my Project Ignition Cable because all my previous and present cars have been upgraded from the original set of 6mm spark plug cables to 10mm high performance cables. The job was simple and a success. The original ignition cable core of 0.75mm was replaced with (from what we measured) an ignition cable core of 1mm. Mathematically, that's an increase of 33% though in terms of performance I don't know how much better. First test was so-so. Then the mechanic checked both spark plugs and found the left slightly rich so dyno-tune the carbs. The second spin was impressive like a new motorbike. I am now very happy with the result.

Observation: More responsive torque throughout the power band. Best part is can use the highest gear over a wider range of speed, going slow no jerking, no need to down-shift as often as before, this is the fun part but of course cruising a bit faster because on highest gear. This new feeling is experienced also on all gears. Engine less rough noise than before. The exhaust note now sounds slightly different or is it my ears, dunno how to put to words. The dyno-tuning really brings out the potentials of the new ignition cable. The headlights: high and low beam are brighter. Twisting the throttle all the way back quickly pulls the bobber forward at a rate I've never experienced before but I don't plan to do any fancy revving until I get the temporary throttle sleeve replaced.