Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fuel consumption

FUEL CONSUMPTION: A topic people like to talk about but shy away from the truth when their ride does not deliver good fuel consumption.

Q: What is the fuel consumption of the Malaysian carburettor-ed Regal Raptor 350cc?
A: Well, better than a car but I think could do better. Still, what do you expect from twin carburettors...excellent fuel economy? Twin carburettors are not designed for that!

Here, a 350cc Johhny PAG (Note that an electronic ignition system gives better fuel consumption than a carburettor version) is compared against a 833cc HD Sportster ( The HD Sportster although much bigger cc (more than double) delivers an average of 44mpg over the years than the PAG ( Her 2017's average of 48.3mpg against the PAG's 51.7mpg is very good indeed. You have to take your hat off to HD for doing a good job in this area.

So now you know the truth!

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