Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mission Accomplished!

This is my first riding experience on a 350cc and a rigid-tail Bobber. The bike is heavy but not too heavy to make it unpleasant to ride. It is in its element after 30kph but likes to putt around 20kph. The engine is too new and needs to be run-in so obviously feels rough. Overall I'm not complaining even like the bike very much and I conclude you get what you paid for. As for riding experience, it requires one to adjust to a new style of riding not one familiar to normal motorcycles like Yamaha 100 which I used to ride. The most difficult maneuver will probably be u-turns and 90 degrees junctions because there is a need to ride slowly and carefully as this Bobber does not like to take more 45% body tilt well. Too much to the left and the foot stand will scrape the road surface. It just likes to cruise.

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