Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Production flaw

The problem of having a sharp eye is that things off balance usually catch one's eye. Observing the Bobber while taking a breath of fresh air after dinner has recently been bit of a norm for me. Somehow I noticed something was not right so started to closely inspect the bike. It then came to me that the rear fender support bars were not properly manufactured causing the rear fender to shift slightly to the left. Upon checking with my salesman who then checked with the assemblers, it was acknowledged that in fact all Bobbers manufactured happen to have this production flaw so getting replacement support bars will not solve the problem and totally out of the question. I knew they could have it realigned if they wanted to if their after sales service meant a lot to image building of their marque brand but sadly no, they were not interrested so that answers how concerned they are of their after sales service. I guess I might have been the only person to have made this complaint but sakit mata (@ pain in the #@%*) so I eventually agreed to have it rectified outside for RM80 which meant heating the support fenders then making the necessary adjustment followed by a re-spray. Done yesterday and looks better now where previously the right rear fender nut was probably about 0.5 cm away from the tyre side walls and I felt that could be too dangerous for comfort. Why wait for something bad to happen then complain.

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