Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bobber gets vandalized

My bobber got vandalized! The day before yesterday, I went to my son's secondary school at 8:00am and properly parked next to the main entrance behind bollards, not blocking neither pedestrian nor vehicle movement. The guard's house was also a stone's throw away. It was a short visit and I left at 8:30 am. Just before riding off, I noticed what looked like dirt on the rear fender but upon inspection, realized it was vandalized. The bracket of the rear light was also broken in two which is not an easy thing to do because it is tough. Even the rear number plate was broken. I suspect they were the work of some sick student(s). If you look at the way it was vandalized, it was meant to intimidate and provoke anger yet I don't know anyone there, even my son didn't know I came. Yesterday, I tried to fix it with steel epoxy but broken at the fulcrum, it simply gave way. Today, I visited an motorcycle accessory shop and tried out a few samples but they were too big and extended over the rear fender. Others were a little too small, not to my liking. Being third party product, I also need to have a custom bracket, they are not plug-n-play type so that's extra cost not including the overall labour charge. Rear light alone (no bracket nor cabling) range from RM130-330. Upon checking with my salesman, he said the original item cost RM320 but inclusive of bracket and cabling. As such, I decided to go for the original replacement plus the fact no modification nor custom bracket was needed and my salesman absorbed labour charge. The reality is life still goes on and for my own safety, I got the rear light and number plate replaced but don't have spare money to touch-up the vandalized parts. At first, I admit it is natural to be hurt but looking back (as a Muslim), all things beyond our control are divine intervention therefore are never bad so I leave it all to Allah. He knows best.

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