Saturday, February 13, 2016

Evolution of hand grip

Sometime ago, I made the mistake of not filing my fingernails after I snipped them with a nail cutter. They now caused the soft rubber grip of the throttle to tear and eventually wore it down to the next layer which is even softer and sticky. The outer layer now peels of like nobody's business. I decided to get a tougher replacement eventhough an original replacement is only RM28 because I do not want a repeat of what happened and knowing myself, it can. My reference shop was Hungry Ghost's Custom Inc. adjacent to Kampung Baru Puchong and their site clearly shows they have a wide variety of accessories. I appreciate they also gave frank advise pertaining to the different types of handlebar grip. At first, I chose a shorter rubber grip which closely resembles the original throttle grip but later changed my mind because I was not keen to shift the starter switch out quite a bit to offset its shortness. Lastly, I chose a longer throttle grip that did not require shifting the starter switch which coincidentally, sort of compliments the zebra stripes. Fitting took less than a minute. The throttle grip fitted tightly because the throttle has a plastic case but when I rode home, the left grip slipped out by an inch because it sat on a smooth metal bar so when I got home, I reinforced the left handlebar by looping it with water pipe tape (One loop was adequate). It is now secured. Conclusion: Looks nice, good quality item (of course comes with a price), satisfied customer.

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