Thursday, February 4, 2016

Power switch TKO!

Just back with the bobber from CMC factory, Puncak Alam. The power switch of the bobber located in the battery compartment according to mechanic Kevin is an old one that came with the motorcycle. All recent motorcycles were replaced with better units by the factory. There is however a conflicting statement where the mechanic said the power switch was changed on all motorcycles since early 2015 but my JPJ grant states my bobber was assembled in 2015 and I only bought the bobber on 2/4/2015. Whatever it is, my bobber is now installed with the new power switch. As you can see, one of the contact rusted so badly and over time as rust build-up increased, it eventually became useless. My fuel filter was checked to be clean and carbs re-serviced to be doubly sure. However, the mechanic said if the problem still persist and is electrical in nature plus intermittent, then it is very difficult to trace the source of the problem. He said a case where the engine died and electrical circuit was left open is easier to trace... hopefully mine is not the case and ends with this repair. If it happens one more time, I think I can ride along Jalan Batu Arang with my eyes closed

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