Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back to the factory for a second time

Again, the same engine problem comes about! Last Saturday night, I rode to nearby shops 40 houses away but 30 houses away, the bobber died. This time, I had to paddle push the bobber back. Just before they pushed the bobber in the van, I started the engine and less than 5 secs. engine died. This, I know the mechanic prefers coz it is easier to pinpoint the source of the problem. We shall see later what this unique problem is. Whatever it is, I said from the start, this FB site is intended to share the good, bad and ugly of my personal experience with my bobber where other people may be better or worse off than me, after all, no 2 vehicles be it car or motorcycle, of the same make and model are the identical in nature, simply because they were assembled by people of difference temperament, pressure, technical expertise and experience.

01/02/16 - Bobber goes to factory
02/02/16 - No news from factory
03/02/16 - Repaired problem(don't what it is). Still test-run to see no other issues.

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