Saturday, February 20, 2016

Regal Raptor Owners Group meet

Yesterday was a good sunny evening and there were bikers zooming around the main highway. Restoran Yus Satay was where the RROM met at 5-7pm. Wisely, I checked it out first with Duffy, founder of RROM coz I was about to head to the one at the main junction of Kajang town. Location wise was very strategic for those inter-state members and food wise, but of course, Kajang satay is the speciality. We had 2 rows of tables reserved and there were new on old members. Too many names to remember but the regular joe registered well in my database. I took the opportunity to share notes and I found out the number one problem with most Regal Raptor models was electrical (which can be a pain in the #%@$ if it is intermittent) and agreed there was hardly any mechanical problems. Some were keen to upgrade their motor-chain but were taken aback when I told them my salesman-mechanic said the DiD version cost RM700 but justified those who often travel long distance...and for those who got the extra cash. There is a tendency at these TTS only to chit-chat with those next to us and not move around (all getting fat) and it was when some went out to try others ride that most got up to look and see. All are friendly but breaking the ice is not everyone's ability so when the topic of conversion is a common one, the chit-chat doesn't stop. As it gets closely to maghrib, one by one request to call it a day. Myself, was under instruction to get a generous size of satay sticks for dinner, it is not often I enter Kajang territory soI too had to take leave. It was a good meet, this one.

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