Monday, November 21, 2016

The theory behind the zebra stripe design

I have been asked a few times if the airbrush artist came up with the design of the zebra stripes. I replied no, it was mine which I found later I was not charged for not asking the artist to come up with a design merely having my design transferred to the motorcycle. So, the next question was usually how I came up with that unique design? I spent about a week surfing the internet looking at pictures of zebras and realized it was difficult because no two zebras have the same stripe design just like the whorls on our finger print, even the stripes on one side do not repeat itself on the other side of the zebra. My first criteria was the width of the stripes and decided 7 stripes be visible on the side of the tank because any more would not make them stand out. I then tried to make each stripe look different. My original design did not work as plan because when the stripes hugged the tank, they crisscross each other so were adjusted on the tank itself. I did not realize until the stripes were completely sprayed that by coincidence, I ended up on the tank with a face of a Zulu warrior with black war stripes over his eyes and cheeks said the artist who thought it was intentional. As for the fenders, because the frame blocked the fenders, I decided to use the inverted triangle stripe design placed where the frame meet the fender based on the same stripe design found at the leg joint of zebras to their body. This meant concave shape stripes would be drawn away from that triangle. I wanted the front fender to have the stripes pointed out like the horn of a unicorn so turned around the stripe design normally found at the back of a zebra whereas the rear fender would have the stripes drawn like a normal zebra. I am no artist but am very pleased with the results. My helmet was also another difficult exercise because I wanted the stripes to 'flow with the wind' and felt it was harder to design that than the stripes on the bobber.

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