Monday, November 21, 2016

Cleaning the engine, the lazy way

I have successfully been doing this for more than 30 years and is the technique I keep the engine bay of my cars, (previous till current) looking showroom condition. It's also the lazy man's but clever way of maintaining the cable/wire insulators and rubber components from being dry and brittle due to engine heat. It is also because of this, I do not wash nor allow the engine bay to be washed at car wash places for fear water may seep into the spark plug connectors (and has been before). I can but usually do not wipe it. Now, I do it to my bobber. The technique? Just buy an anti-rust spray can. Spray liberally then let it dry. That's all. I tend to do it in the night because I want the spray to permeate into the plastic and rubber components. However, in the case of the motorcycle, I spray water over the whole motorcycle once a while especially after riding on a rainy day then I respray the engine again with the anti rust oil. This photo shows a bit of glare from the chrome parts because they came into contact with anti rust oil. Having said all this, if you regularly ride in dusty areas, this technique may not be so good as it attracts dust and dirt so a thorough wipe is recommended after the spray has dried up.

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