Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kw vs. Nm

I found this interesting article about debaffling exhaust pipes. You see local as well as foreign riders modifying their stock exhaust pipes in favour of straight pipes/straight-through pipes in the hope it will give them a bigger growl. On this point, if you want a bigger thump for your motorcycle, there is no substitute for cc and here I mean at least 500cc. Any less powerful motorcycle modified with straight through pipes may get a louder but sadly HOLLOW note (Maybe they can't distinguish between that). From experience, I tinker with my car's exhaust system therefore agree 100% what the writer stated here. This is because some back pressure in the exhaust pipe is needed to produce torque which helps driveability whereas straight pipes may increase power but lose out badly when it comes to pick-up plus fuel economy. Torque also helps reduce petrol consumption and helps the car/motorcycle roll, roll and roll along. Maybe sellers does not want to elaborate this, after all, their aim is to sell and make money, at the same time, give the customer what he wants. Having being involved in motor clubs, I know there are some who regret their modifications but are too embarrass or have too much ego and pride to admit their mistake. If they really wanted to modify their exhaust system, what they actually need to do is change from stock pipes to specially design/tuned for their particular motorcycle...if there is such in the market.

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