Friday, September 23, 2016

Time for battery replacement

After 1 year 4 months, yesterday, the battery lacked enough oomph to start the bobber in the morning but OK the rest of the day. Early this morning, the bobber refused to start but was OK after breakfast then the battery gave up for good at 9am. Even the neutral light went dim when I tried to start it. I dismantled the battery and went to a motorcycle shop. The mechanic upon hearing what I told him said he could charge the battery but did not expect it to last long because local batteries generally die after 1 year so mine given 16 months of electrical supply was considered quite good. He advised and I bought a new battery which was a dry type, of course a bit more expensive than a wet type but now I won't have to worry ever about opening the battery box nor topping up battery water, dismantling as well as fixing back (not that easy for people with fat fingers) the battery leads when topping up is required. The dry battery came with separate nuts and bolts plus sulphuric acid. Upon my request, the mechanic filled up the empty battery case. However, I kept the wet battery's excess battery fluid hose just in case. After a short spin, I agree with the mechanic that the dry battery has noticably more oomph than the wet battery giving a more punchy pick up. Normal wear and tear or maintenance things like changing a new battery after its life expired are non issue for me.

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