Monday, September 19, 2016

More elbow grease needed!

I wondered why the chrome of the triple tree got blur faster than most chrome parts and was more difficult to polish compared to the rest of the chrome parts. It was brought to my attention when I recently asked HungryGhost Custom Inc's boss the cost to have it re-chromed. He clarified that it was impossible to re-chrome the triple tree because it was not made out of steel/iron but was actually a chromed alloy. The manufacturer had it made that way obviously to cut down on production cost. Only iron or steel not alloy could withstand the job of re-chroming. He said it still could be polished but required more elbow grease but acknowldeged there were some difficult areas to reach because they were partly blocked by the handlebar. Sadly, I went back and began to polish harder than usual as it was more difficult to remove the stains, I suspect, in my case, the triple tree was not thoroughly chromed especially towards the edges. Hopefully sikit sikit, jadi bukit and the yellowish stains will be completely removed. I was told there were in fact other chrome parts of the motorcycle which were not made of steel such as the round chromed alloy on the right side of the engine where 'MOMOS' was embossed just to name a few.

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