Friday, March 4, 2016

THEE reference photo

This is THE reference photo (courtesy of Welly, Klang website) of the MOMOS Bobber that I would look up everyday before I ended up buying it. When I surfed the internet and make comparisons, I found this particular bobber is very well balanced, has a beautifully shaped frame (not as short like a Honda Shadow 600) and nicely raked front shocks (not as poorly raked as a MOMOS springer-Bobber). Although admittedly, the peanut tank has limited capacity, I really love the shape of that tank. However, I did not buy it there as I am not familiar of that part of Klang, secondly, there are other alternatives closer to where I stay. As you can see, I opt for the first generation handlebars just like in the photo which is now standard on a Daytona, although, the current second generation handlebar has a larger circumference and I prefer the former version which is now on my bobber. I was also eyeing and ogling the gorgeous fishtail pipes which are the longer (current) second generation exhaust pipes. My only disappointment is the single horn has a squeaky note. Maybe I'll add another in future.

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