Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bobber's first road breakdown

For a vehicle, be it motorcycle, car, etc., etc. to die while driving/riding is unusual. It puts the driver in danger and he has to put up with inconvenience. On Monday 11/1/2016, I cruised from PJ to Subang Jaya where just before the Sunway tunnel, the bobber lost power from 80kph to 40kph then came to a halt underneath the Sunway Monorail track. I immediately called my salesman who complained to the sales representative at CMC Puncak Alam who directed their pick-up van man to get the bobber. To be safe, I pushed the bobber to Sunway Police station adjacent to Sunway Pyramid. I was to wait for 3 hours for the pick-up van because it was on another assignment so not keen on waiting, after 10 mins, pushed the starter button. Suddenly, the bobber came alive and sounded normal. I took off but less than 200metres, the bobber lost power. However, it did not die so I slowly putt and reached home. That night, the pick-up van took the bobber to the factory FOC as the bobber is still under warranty. On Tuesday, Puncak Alam mechanics replaced the radiator themostatic valve but the problem remained. On Wednesday, they tested it, travelled quite a distant, said it sounded OK but kept it to further test it because they suspected the problem was intermittent. On Thursday, they found one of the spark plugs got loose. On Friday, they further tested the bike to confirm there was no other problem. Today, I took the bobber back and talked with Mr. Weng, sales dept. to get a clearer picture what was/were the actual problem. He said:

1. The carburettor was blocked so required servicing;
2. One of the spark plug was not properly secured so was properly tighten; and
3. The radiator themostat wire snapped so was properly rewired.

Conclusion: I can only advise new owners during their first 1,000km to instruct their mechanic to open, inspect the condition of the spark plugs and ensure they are clean and properly secured. You may never know...

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