Thursday, June 25, 2015

Provisional Learner Licence comes to an end

At last! My upgraded driving licence
In about 10 days time, my provisional Learner licence will be come to an end and be upgraded because today I just passed the JPJ bike test for a full B licence. Yeah! After about a 40 year lapse, the motorcycle training course has been a very good refresher course and I even got to learn a few tips/techniques in handling the motorcycle in slow speed i.e. less than 20kph. On day 1, the trainer told me not to train in the figure 8 and the rest but to familiarize myself with the feel of a superbike because I have with me a cruiser where handling is very much different so it was just circling around the "road area". On day 2, I succeeded zig-zagging the 5 cone and going over several humps but never made it to half a figure 8. By day 3, figure 8, u-turns and road area were done adequately and improved on Day 4 but I could not complete the mandatory bridge yet passed the Routine Vehicle Maintenance test. On Day 5, after valuable tips from the instructor, I managed to complete the narrow bridge test several times. Truly practice makes perfect and the number of repeats needed to clear a hurdle is relative to a rider's skill.

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