Monday, June 22, 2015

Need for No.10 spanner

Yesterday, I forgot to take the key out from the Bobber which was left there for about 3 hours. It was switched on and so was the headlight but because the day was bright, I forgot to switch it off. The bike being still new said my salesman not surprising, I could not even use the horn. I took out the battery and brought it to the nearby petrol station where their charging unit only handles 12V and 24V battery mainly meant for cars and lorries. A phone call to my salesman confirmed mine is a 12V battery (one doesn't really pay attention to all this until it happens to us) so I was told to come back 3 hours later. Incidentally, a No.10 spanner is required to release the battery cables which I then carefully taped + and - cables separately to play safe. Well, we learn something new (I must be more careful with the key) everyday.

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