Friday, September 30, 2016

Looking back at a bad memory

Again, my bobber got vandalised after coming back from the mosque, this time paintwork was undamaged. It does not take a fool to deduce that this was the work of the same person, probably student, who did it before outside my son's secondary school and another time much earlier, at my regular mosque when both rear signal lights bent forward. Who? is a killer question and I won't even bother but a friend advised me that I need to be more careful as it looks like my bobber has been targeted by Mr. Nobody. Another 2 inches torn at the centre pf the rear end and it wouldn't be long before the rear gets torn off as happened before.

The mechanic at HungryGhost Custom Inc. said the signal lights could be salvaged so they were fitted to the rear fender with custom brackets: simple solid metal bars. They even salvaged the original wiring and that saved time in getting the appropriate connectors in the battery box. So was my license plate which the boss came over and said cut it down to size rather than waste money and have a new one fabricated.The original brake light was also salvaged, however, the side licence plate I bought already came attached with its own smart brake light...well, most do. The total job took 3 1/2hrs. It involved taking out the rear tyre, not including another 15mins to trace a loose wire. I observed and got to hand it to the mechanics: hardworking, dedicated and worked non-stop, a job which simply just couldn't be rushed. It was good there happened to be a bobber outside with similar brackets so making a copy was easy. The side licence plate was acquired earlier at their Bandar Baru Puchong branch which concentrates on accessories whereas when I met the boss there, he asked me to have the customization made at their Saujana Puchong HQ. Good job done. 

All I can say is that the rear end now looks how a true bobber should be and it has given the motorcycle a new personality ... that of a bad ass bobber.

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