Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nasi lemak anyone?

Morning trip to my regular nasi lemak stall at Subang Jaya. This stall is comparatively generous on the portion of nasi lemak as against other places. Today, the Regal Raptor badge has begun to serve its purpose as people come up and ask me whether that is a HD and I reply "No" then point to the badge at the rear of the Bobber and say it comes from China. They quickly go and inspect the badge and of course don't commend coz they probably never heard of it. The nasi lemak seller said it was clever that people think it costs the price of a HD coz it looks expensive and glows of that exclusive image here it's not important that it cost much, much less. The next time, I'll just point to the badge and say "Regal Raptor" (and "Bobber" if they want to know the model) but not mention "China" and see their reaction.

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