Saturday, September 19, 2015

Maintaining a leather jacket

Today, I sidetrack to the subject of motorcycle accessories: a leather jacket is organic and nice to wear but requires constant maintenance to give it that deep, rich luster. After experimenting with this and that, I've found out the best stuff to preserve as well as soften leather is none other than baby oil which I use Johnson Baby Oil Lite. As my motorcycle leather jacket was very dry, tough and hard since the day I bought it, it required slightly less than 250 ml and several generous coats of baby oil over a period of 3 days to soften and enrich it. The leather jacket is now deep black, soft and comfortable to wear eventhough it is heavy for a leather jacket. Baby oil also makes it waterproof (though requires another splash of baby oil every time it comes into contact with rain to rejuvenate that lost luster) and other than that, baby oil also has a nice soothing smell.

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