Monday, August 31, 2015

My very first multimedia movie

I have no experience in making multimedia movies so am just beginning to learn how to make my own video clip based on photographs as I think it will be something of a standard expectation for presentations to be in the form of a short multimedia clip of approximately 4 minutes in the near future. As I use an Ubuntu operating system, I downloaded and installed the free OpenShot Video Editor. Then, I imported an audio file followed by 33 image files from my FB's Regal Raptor:Bobber photo album. I pasted each image one by one on Track 1 which defaulted each photo to present in 6 seconds. I then selected each image and made it 'fade in and out (slow)'. This went on till the last image was pasted. Later, I pasted the audio file to Track 2. Finally, I exported my project as as .mp file configured for YouTube (High). After making a few blunders in my first draft, this is the final product. This is a first time for me. The movie is 3.48 mins long. Hope you like it. Click here to view

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