Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bad experience make a wiser person

A few days ago, the headlight's low beam KO when I started the motorcycle. Then I noticed I made a mistake coz I left the headlight switch ON when I started the Bobber. The high beam was OK so I used it as an interim measure. Today, I had the halogen bulb changed and it cost me RM 19.10 inclusive of GST. I have to be extra careful with my bobber coz I added a power cable to beef up the electrical supply from the charger to the battery meaning electrical supply to others parts of the motorcycle is optimal compared to the stock bobber. Power surge especially when starting the engine will obviously be stronger. Today, an ounce of wisdom gained from an ounce of bad experience. That's life!

Update: Just came back from isyak prayer. I am stunned my new bulb low beam gives bright whitish light as against original yellowish light, the whitish is as bright as original bulb's high beam, the new bulb's high beam even brighter and wider radius. I sms my salesman who said he will check what happened and inform me later. Maybe the original was already failing when I bought the Bobber but life extended with the help of the power cable still just a matter of time before it kaputt.

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