Friday, March 4, 2016

Unfinished vandalism gets DIY job

When I was with the mechanic, he told me that the vandalism also caused a crack to the rear mudguard that supports the rear accessories. He showed me just beneath the rear mudguard, the crack was 4 inches long. I asked him to check with a welder if it could be welded but the answer was no because the metal was not strong enough to take the welding. To what extent that was true, I do not know but when I went home, I went straight and did a DIY job: I mixed metal epoxy with hardener then coated the crack. This job required me to use my finger because I needed to feel I reached the crack spot on. After letting it dry for a few minutes as not to drip, I dab it with water before it hardens. After 10 minutes, the paste almost harden quickly I wet my fingers and smoothed the paste pushing it through the crack to make sure there was no air gap (See photo). I left it under the hot sun to dry and after lunch pushed the bobber back under the shade. I checked and found the rear mudguard was now stiff as a board. Only time will tell how effective the steel epoxy was.

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